Main Courses

Paneer & roasted vegetable curry 45 minutes Salmon & fennel one-pot wonder 25 minutes Braised lamb with sweet potato & haricot beans 2 hours 30 minutes Warm chicken & dill salad with mustard Parmesan dressing 15 minutes Rice Noodle and Vegetable Stir-Fry 10 minutes Royal Guineafowl Casserole 1 hour 10 minutes Honey Chicken 35 – 40 minutes Beef Burgers with Beetroot & Carrot Slaw 6 – 8 minutes Pistou Linguine 10 minutes Baked salmon with parmesan & parsley crust 20 minutes Eastern chicken stir-fry 20 Minutes Gammon with a ginger glaze 2 hours Highland pheasant with apples 35 minutes Salmon and crayfish tail pie 1 hour Lasagne Revisited 1.5 hours Smoked Haddock Bouillabaisse 20 minutes Stuffed quail with lime glaze 25 minutes Exceedingly good double fish pie 45 minutes Mexican Spicy Lamb 2 hours Whole Roasted Garlic Chicken 1.5 hours Roasted vegetable risotto 40 minutes Roast fillets of pork with prune and apple 1 hour 15 minutes Really Good Potato Dauphinoise 1.5 hours Pasta Primavera 40 minutes HERBED QUINOA AND BULGAR WHEAT SALAD WITH LEMON AND POMEGRANATE 20-25 minutes Chicken Valencia 50 minutes Butternut squash and lentil samb 1 hour Chicken Breasts with Leek, Potatoes and Thyme 45 minutes PLUM TOMATO, OLIVE AND MARJORAM TART 45–50 MINUTES Watermelon, feta, cucumber and mint salad 15 minutes SALMON FILLETS WITH HERBS AND RED PEPPER 25 minutes Roasted sausage and potato supper 1 hour Veggie Lasagne with Mushrooms and Tomato 45 minutes Shoulder of lamb with lemon and olives 1 hour